Saturday, March 7, 2009

for Seneca!!!!



  1. This is a masterpiece - when is Seneca coming back? I loved his visit and I have so much more to learn! (right now i'm sitting in front of a poster with the letters abcde, a magazine with fghijklmnopqrstuvwxy on the cover, and a cd with a z in the key. which i only even realize because of the sign game... (I should.... clean my desk).) i need new jokes, and to hear them over and over again. in the meantime. Thanks for bringing back these memories love!

  2. I love it! Do it all over again next summer so I can come visit.

  3. Beautiful videos Lex. I'm so impressed (as usual) and happy to get to revisit that inspired garden day. You seem to really enjoy making these movies. Let me know if you ever want to collaborate. - Mikel